International Education League Ltd

Agent Network Events

I E League Agents Networking Events are designed to bring education providers, awarding bodies, education consultants, agents and study abroad counsellors together through a networking events for business development and possible collaborations based on activities spread over two days. The activities that the participants would attend include combination of various environments suitable for business development. From casual environment of networking cocktails, lunch buffet to more formal presentations and one-to- one meeting time slots, all activities are designed to maximise chances of discussing your organisation and future objectives with like-minded potential collaborators of your organisation. These activities are developed to provide great chance to kick-start your business development and networking goals.

I E League Agents Networking Events offers participants an unmatched value for money to meet potential collaborators and participate in business development sessions. The activities are designed for you to meet like-minded potential collaborators with direct and total control over the types of organisations you would want to work with in future. Participants will have the opportunity to make “one-to- one ” appointments in timed and directed meeting-slots with agents, educators,awarding bodies and regulatory bodies. During the workshop, additional meetings and schedule adjustments can be made through I E League.

These events are designed specifically around the concept of business development therefore provides a great opportunity to starting up dialogues with various stakeholders in the sector to jump start expanding your reach and thereby horizons. Participants would meet new possible collaborators who would be attending the event with similar objective – business development. I E League helps clear the grounds for you by searching organisations in the education sector that are ready and willing for collaborations in the sector to leverage upon networking opportunities. I E League takes that initiative on your behalf and takes the load off your shoulders by making contacts with various stakeholders and search for organisations that are ready and willing to form future collaborations. Be it an education provider, an awarding body or an education consultant, everyone attending this event would have one goal in common and that is business development. Therefore, participants would have greater chance of growing their business networks consequently expanding horizons.